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Blank Canvas

Today I meet 24 first grade students who are probably all quite sad their pretty, very pregnant teacher said goodbye to them yesterday.

Their parents are probably just as anxious as they are.

Who will the new teacher be?

Will she be kind?





Will she read with voices?

Will she notice when I feel lonely?

Will the new teacher look after my baby?

Will she know just how much I love her/him and that she/he is the most precious child to ever walk the planet?

Will everything be okay?

Yes. It will be okay. I am telling you this not because I know this to be true, but because you and I both want to hear it. And that's perfectly okay! So...

YES. I got this.

Stop worrying Mom, Dad, Grandma, students, me, my kids, my furry kids, my friends, my inner critic. All of you.

Two palms up, everyone!

Be open to new possibilities today.

Parents, be ready to receive who I am and the role I am about to play in your child's life.

Allow yourself to accept all of the compassion and love and know-how I will pass on to you and your child just by being in your life now, and I will accept the same from you. We have a lot to teach one another. This is a significant day and I want you to know I care.

Today I expect to fall in love with 24 bright souls.

They bring with them family members, worries, hopes, dreams, and so much possibility.

Today I meet my new tribe.

Life will never look the same, really.

So two palms up to all of us as we bravely face the unknown each day offers.

You might not know what fresh experience is about to come your way, but I can tell you this: something is about to happen, so be aware, look around, and when you notice what calls to you, pay close attention. Spend an extra minute taking it all in.

It might just feel like Wednesday to you, but it's so much more than that!

Pay attention to all the good swirling around you today.

Breathe it in and let it light you up from the inside out.

You are beautiful and always will be so turn those palms up and receive.



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