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What is it? Where does it come from? Where does it live? Where does it go?

Some believe energy is finite. You are born with a certain amount, say a gallon and a half, and you use it up until it's all gone and you die.

Others believe energy is ever-generating once it exists but only for a certain shelf life. While on the shelf, it's continuously made, always on the production line, bam, bam, bam. It suddenly appears in your body when you are born and it never stops churning until the day you die. Then it's like someone accidentally tripped over your cord and you're done. The energy disappears back into nothingness. Gone.

Also out there is the theory I like best: there is ONE source of eternal energy. It is all there ever will be and all there ever was; it has no beginning or end, middle or edges. This energy source is always growing and ever present and more powerful than the sun because it makes the sun. This energy is Life. God. Love. Pain. Hate. Greed. Lust. Anger. Desire. Compassion. This energy is death but not the kind if death you and I think of when we think of death. It's not an ending or a beginning but a being. It's what we are, all of us, and though it's contained in a physical vessel, it's all part of the same gigantic vessel we call existence itself. Dogs. Cats. Humans. Trees. Bees. Planets. Galaxies. All of it. It's one big ocean and we are all drops of water. It's all one big desert and we are individual grains of sand. It's all the one big sun and we are the individual particles of...

... you get it.

So I ask you to think on it a bit.

What do you feel, think, hear, taste, see, touch, smell, remember, dream of when you ponder the existence, the very idea of, energy?

Is it real? Can you see it? Can you lose it? Can you make it?

What is energy?

Are you energy?


Am I?


When you encounter something or someone difficult today, remember this: you are encountering yourself.

When you deal with them, you deal with you.

When you love them, you love you.

When you hate them, you hate you.

Be kind to yourself.

Be kind to us.

Just, be.


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