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Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Small. Tiny. Smart.

Eyelashes as long as his arms.

Grady is my heart walking around in the wild.

When I look at Grady, the all of me melts.

No matter how cranky I feel,

bone deep tired,

stressed out,



If he is near, I'll pause.

About to jump into the abyss of my own drama, I'll pause to seek that unruly browny-copper hair he wears. Each day it drifts about in the sea of first graders before me, all 23 of them criss-cross apple sauce seated upon the primary colored squares of dirty classroom carpet, blowing in the heating vent's path, and below that messy hair I see his impossible eyelashes, the matching browny-copper eyes, and a gorgeous smile that takes up most of his face (besides the eyelashes).

There he is!

One of Universe's finest: Grady.

People like this exist. People who are like stars visiting us as humans. Who shine brightly wherever they are. Who put the sparkle inside of a moment that seemed forever without sparkle.

He is one of them.

If Grady is near, I feel the sense of calm and true beauty.

The beauty of being ALIVE comes with laying eyes on him and who would want to miss out on such a pure feeling of good?

That's Grady. He makes me pause and feel.

And wonder.

This is why we are here? Connecting to people like him?

Maybe it's part of why we are here?

But if it's why, then the beauty is too much for most. Or, I worry it will go unseen. He is small, after all, but the energy he gives out so powerful! Still...

(My mind frets. What if everyone misses out on Grady? Are there other Grady's?)

My hunch is most of us don't see all the beauty. Sadly. And there's so much beauty to see, just in one moment let alone one lifetime.

In each precious moment.

In very tiny humans.

In the one breath.

Why don't we see, feel, hear, taste, touch, experience all the beauty all of the time?

Can we? Is it possible?


Let's practice something.

Notice something.

Witness something.

Prove ourselves wrong.

Prove yourself wrong.



is waiting

on the





Go find a star who is visiting Earth.

Be one too.

Take a breath and think of a person who is your Grady.

Make it your goal to find the beauty in all the moments, in the ugly, in the sad, in the tiny, in the gigantic, in the mundane, in the soup of it all. Look for the beauty. Your Gradys are all over the place.

Happy Thanksgiving.


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