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Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Friendship, like everything else in life, is constantly on the move. It is not an object collecting dust. You cannot sweep it off a counter with your pointy elbow and watch it smash into bits on the tile floor...smithereens so minuscule there's no hope of reparation. We may claim it's irreparable, but deep down we know friendship is pretty tough. Sure, it will get banged up a little in the journey, but if you're ready you'll see that the dents and scratches accumulated along the way are signs of growth. Yours. Theirs. Both.

Does a tree make an effort to hide its scars?


Or does it grow anyway?

I believe there are tiny seeds inside of us and these are the seeds destined to become friendships. Imagine an exquisitely unique seed, specifically marked with someone you love's name or image. Decorate the special seed in your mind's eye. Cradle it. Admire it. Be gentle with it. Feel its fragility; wonder at its potential. Where will you keep this special seed? In a box? In your pocket? High up on a shelf away from the rest of the world?

Course not. You must plant (share) your seed. You must roll up your sleeves and dig. But where to dig and place this treasure? This highly prized possession? The soil must be nutritious; the climate right; the location as close to your heart space as possible. (Feel that?)

And don't forget: it's your job. You must now lovingly tend to its growth from seed to sapling to majestic tree, even when it's difficult.

(Especially when it's difficult.)

You must not forget your tree!

You think you won't, but look around you. Did you know you've been this busy? Go ahead and be impressed. You are standing in the middle of a grove of trees: yours. You planted all of them. Some tall; some small. Some sickly; some robust. Pay attention to your grove. Do they vary? Variety is beautiful; health is crucial. Turn around, look up and see their branches competing for sunlight, and open up your senses to what they're telling you.

Ask yourself: Are all of my trees healthy?

Try bringing them into balance by watering all of them. Tend to the whole grove with full attention because they are all connected underneath - a root system intertwining, looping, knotting, reaching, and searching - and they all want to thrive. They are interdependent and need your loving care. They are a part of you and you them.

Look after the gorgeous grove of trees you've planted in this lifetime. Be proud of your grove's ability to support you in this life. Every day. Your grove. Your own root structure intertwined with theirs. You are one tree amongst many. And you matter. So very much.



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