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So... how were you educated?

I'm going to start with the 23 new little people in my world. My homies for the next few months. The people I will most definitely log the most face time with for the next 90 days or so.

Three days together and we already feel like family. You know... we laugh, we cry, we scratch, we fart, we struggle, we adore, we annoy, and we talk over one another.

Sound familiar?

Yeah, that's my new crew. A whole new familia.

They are not very old yet but they know a lot about stuff. They know when someone's sad. They know when they are hungry. They know when they feel really excited. They know to laugh when something is funny and to cry when they feel hurt. They know when they are thirsty. They know when there is candy in the room, even if it's hidden on the highest shelf, under a bag of sweatshirts, in the far back corner of a creepy closet.

They know how to pick their noses and act like it wasn't really a pick but rather an intense scratch and sniff...

They know so much.

They are six. Some of them only five.


Yet, they know more than we could ever imagine at a primal level.

Of course they do.

Think of a child's fascination with a beetle crawling along the ground. Complete focus. Or their attentiveness on their mother as they stroke her cheek, smell her body, nuzzle into her during reading time.

We grown ups get distracted and want to sweat the small stuff. It's okay. We all do it. But there comes a time to notice the petty sweating.

But, the five and six year olds?

They are ON IT.

They raise their hands and want to talk on about fairness, compassion, kindness, and loyalty. They go BIG.

They want to talk about how they feel, man.

I'm not bullshitting you. They are onto something... these babies who are only learning to read and write but who can emotionally outsmart most people over 14 hands down.

They KNOW.

Which is why I want to reaffirm my intention for even being involved in the educational arena at all. Remember when I said up above that I would be spending the most face time with them over the next few months? I wasn't exaggerating. It's really true. I will see them and interact with them more closely for a longer amount of time than I will my own children, friends, colleagues...

It's a truth about classroom teaching. Most teachers really do help you; they have a significant influence on you; they spend a lot of time - hands on - assisting you in the journey of you becoming you.

It matters.

Education is not static. It's on the move, ever-evolving, and SO worth talking about, worth thinking about, and worth having a discussion about in a meaningful way.

The next time someone talks craft beer while you're drinking craft beer, enjoy the beer and bring up discussion!


Okay, you work out the details. But here are some cool questions to ask peeps you meet as an adult.

How were you educated?






Great start right there. You are off and running with a talking partner or two. I challenge you to investigate. Not college. Not University. Not Graduate and Post Graduate and Post Post Ultra Graduate Graduate.

Start with K-6.

Cover the basic Ws.

When? Where? Who? What? Why?

It matters.

Does it matter if you feed your kids Kraft Macs n' Cheese? Not really.

Is my child's heart being educated as much as their brain?

That matters.


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