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The Inner Critic

I really dig Sharon. Dinner with her would be such a gift!

"Mindfulness allows us to shift the angle on our story and to remember that we have the capacity to learn and change in ways that are productive, not self-defeating." ~Sharon Salzburg, Real Love: The Are of Mindful Connection

Some people apologize a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. Too much.

I am one of those people.

Sorry I bumped you (even when they bumped me).

Sorry I'm late (even though I already called and texted twice about bad traffic).

Sorry you don't feel happy today and are being a total grump and feel the need to take it out on me.

Sorry I don't add up in your eyes, my own eyes... hell, anybody's eyes. Sorry.

Sorry is a sorry-ass word.

Apologizing is important and has its place, but the sorry!s that so habitually fly out of our mouths, without any thought or substance behind them, well... they are pretty empty.

The trick is catching yourself out and redirecting.

"Bup, Bup, Bup, Bup! Now Stop that right now!" You can imagine a little old bossy man waggling his finger in your face telling you to knock it off. Or make your inner critic your lame math teach from 10th grade. Or a strange character you disliked in a movie or television show. Give your inner critic a persona and tell it to FUCK OFF.

There's the progress. There's the shift. There's the growth.

We don't need to stay stuck.

Breaking a habit by mindfully observing the habit, acknowledging the habit, sitting with your feelings about the habit and all of its consequences (or lack thereof), staring your habit in the face and loving it, forgiving it, and letting it go... it's totally possible.

We don't need to stay stuck.

It's kind of a pain in the ass at first, like diving into a cold pool to swim laps you know you want to swim, but you can let go of all that heaviness you're ready to drop, in order to swim freely and lightly and elegantly.

Let that go. Watch it fall to the bottom of the ocean floor. And swim back up to the top.

BIG BREATH! (Only click if you're ready to watch a little Pulp Fiction.)

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