• mindfulyogi

Try Easier

Trying easy. Ever done it?

Sometimes it's better to just lighten your grip,

Soften your gaze,

Loosen the knot,

and take it easy.

Trying easy isn't popular with us humans because we are so busy trying hard. It doesn't occur to us that easy has relations with trying, but it does. Think of a relationship you tried extremely hard to make work, only to fail. If you'd tried easier, might it have turned out differently?

I don't know the answer to that.

Nor do you.

But what if you tried easy rather than hard - what would that be like?

In what area of your life would trying easier make you feel better?

Can you try easy right now?

Start where you are and breathe a little bit slower.

Soften your gaze.

Loosen your knots,

and take it easy.


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