• mindfulyogi

Your Character Right Now

Think about what makes your character.

Right now.

What top 5 traits?

What top 5 traits would you guess most accurately describe your character?

Not your job.

Not your trophies

Or your medals or your degrees.

You know... your stuff. Your grit. Your magic. Your you.

What are your traits?

(Awkward… this is not easy. Having a hard time?)

Don’t be alarmed.

The good news is that if sucky traits came up for you, you can change the shit out of them.

Clearly you had many to choose from, and your top five might not be the ones you most want to boast about.

No problemo!

Don’t like what you see on the menu?


You just gotta do the work.

(Here's where you get pretty annoyed that it's not a magic wand, pill, spell.)

I know. It sucks.

But it's in the way and won't get out of the way until you do the work.

So, yeah. The fucking work.

You need to be still and watch yourself in action and think about character and all sorts of cerebral gymnastics that could make you cuss and quit.

But don't. Hang in there. Let's think...

What is character? What are character traits? How are they different than personality or roles or all that crazy gunk that makes up a thing we call our individual life?

Googling yet?

Good. Search that shit up!

Once you’ve done your share of searching, start sifting. And then, the blissful shifting.

See? Here's the cool thing: it's actually your choice.

The character traits you’d like to possess most prominently - you’re proud top five - are totally curated by you.

Yes. All along you were in charge.

Ball is in your corner.

Gonna be brave and play?

Why not make it your life’s work.

Find your truest true in you and live accordingly.

Be those incredible character traits you so readily assign to others but rarely to yourself.

How radical.

How simple.

And, ultimately, how will you live the life you want to live?



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